April Love 2016

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Three of my favorite things are love, writing, and challenges. So it’s hard for me to resist a bidding to participate in month long letter writing project especially when the subject is love. I love love. I’m a sucker for love. I’d do anything for love.  And here’s the proof. I’m going to follow along with Susannah Conway for a month of love letter writing she dubs April Love 2016.  I will write my love letter right here in this space. Yes, it will be challenging at times because I’m a truth sayer and you can’t speak #truth without vulnerability and, well, that can be daunting, but – I said it was for love right? Did I mention that it happens to be my birthday month? Follow along if you like,  join in if you dare (topics are below), and be sure to return the love in the comments if you feel it.  <3

Love & Peace,

Tonia 🙂



April Love 2016 Tonia Brewer

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