Dear Heart Tonia Brewer

Dear Heart

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Dear Heart,

Hello my friend. How are you doing? You and I have so many stories. Some that made you sing, and others that broke you. Not permanently of course, you are made of strong stuff. Diamond material. Sparkly too. Never have you let me down, left me feeling hopeless. Instead you have taught me how to bounce back, how to forgive, how to be up up for the possibilities of filling you with love that overflows and spills down the sides to spread out and touch everyone within my grasp.

Some people have weak hearts that are damaged easily and never fully heal. But not you. You thrive on being fully alive, totally used, living to your fullest purpose. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the times when you have suffered, but I do know that we have been made stronger by each one of those experiences. The joys we have known far surpassing the hurts and sadness. Things we hoped would end us, didn’t. Because you aren’t done yet. Your desire to love is strong and your capacity at its greatest. You have thrown the door open wide, ready to  give and to receive more than ever. Fear still lurks about, but it has less control these days. We don’t waste time, can’t take the chance that we might miss the greatest thing life has to offer us… Love. What do you say? Let’s grab us a bucket full.

Love & Peace 🙂

April Love 2016

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