Dear Sky Tonia Brewer

Dear Sky

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Dear Sky,

I realize how fortunate I am to live in a place where I able to enjoy you year round – night and day. I used to take that for granted because frankly, It’s all I’ve ever known.

You show yourself in so many ways; bright blue on a summer day – clear for miles, seemingly unending. My favorite beach day sky… Sometimes the white fluffy cumulus clouds jam you up letting only slices of you peek through.

I do also love when you fill up with nimbostratus clouds and let rain pour from you onto the earth. The gentle rain sprinkling on my head and creating puddles on the ground begging the child in me to pounce through them with joy.

Some of your best work is on your most tumultuous days. When thick clouds block so much of the sun that the day turns to night, and your space becomes literally electric, providing us with fantastic light shows accompanied by thundering music – while water falls in sheets pelting the rooftops with a melody that makes it almost impossible to stay awake, it’s a performance that’s hard to beat.

But those evenings when you invite what seems like every star to take a bow on your stage… Simply. Spectacular.

Love & Peace,
Tonia 🙂

April Love 2016

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