Dear Tonia

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Dear Tonia,

What can I say that we haven’t already discussed? It pleases me that we are so open to dialogue and always willing to hear each other out. I don’t even mind when it gets out of head and entertains other people. Fortunately, we haven’t been thrown in the looney bin for our “extroverted thinking.” At least not yet. We should try to avoid that at all costs…

I know that you have been struggling recently to work through these strange feelings you haven’t been able to shake the last few months. I want you to know, that I am not worried about where you are headed. It’s ok that you are feeling unsure. You’ve been here before. It always works out. I’m proud of you for not trying to force an outcome, or ignore any possibilities. Living in the moment, being open to the universe and all that it holds for you, is what you have been seeking to achieve. Letting go, and having faith, is not easy for you, and I applaud you for not grabbing it all back in a panic. You are growing into the person you have always felt you are meant to be. How cool is that?

You have so much life to live, so many adventures to pursue, so many souls to touch, so much love to give. I can’t tell you how or when this will all happen for you, and I know you wouldn’t want me to tell you if I did. But I will say this – it’s all meant for you. There is much yet for you to learn and experience.  And dear heart, love is not done with you. The future will be glorious, and sometimes, it will be hard. Take it all with gratitude. Keep your heart open and your mind willing. See with more than just your eyes. Trust yourself. You got this…

Love & Peace,
Tonia 🙂


April Love 2016

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