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No Words Tonia Brewer

No Words – Looking for my Heartbeat at the End of Pulse

Authors note: The Pulse nightclub massacre here in Orlando on June 12th,  affected many people. Personally, I’m still processing it 2 months later. I’ve had several situations that have shaken me to my core in this life but this – this was unlike anything I’ve experienced. My phone started blowing up around 3:00 a.m. that horrible morning and the sick feeling in my stomach hasn’t completely subsided to this day. It took me several days to write about it. The following is what came out of me when my fingertips finally touched the keyboard. I’ve shared it at various events around town and have had offers to publish it in several publications. But I’m still feeling raw and protective, and not ready to let it leave home just yet. I’m a believer in that something good will always come from something bad. It’s hard to see that when 49 lives have ended and 50 more are forever changed. I think the best way to honor those people is to be the most kind and loving people we can be. And to always remember that love is the answer. Love is love is love is love….

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