Dear Feet Tonia Brewer

Dear Feet

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Dear Feet,

Thank you for:

So many hours playing outside with my friends when I was a little girl.

Seeing me through the long lines of graduations, theme parks, security, and wine festivals.

Walking me down the aisle to the man I would marry and make 3 wonderful sons with.

The hours that you walked the floor so I could soothe my babies.

Ten colorful toes that provide me with a fun way to express myself.

Hanging in there for the many nights on a dance floor having a blast in spite of the blisters.

Holding me up when I could barely drag myself through the cemetery.

Lots of laps around the lake to be healthy and relieve stress.

Healing quickly when I’ve pushed you beyond your limits.

Miles and miles of earthing at the seashore, my favorite place on earth.

The feeling of sand between my toes that souls my soul.

For allowing me to stand tall and face whatever the day may bring…

In Love & Peace,

Tonia 🙂

April Love 2016

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