Dear Home Tonia Brewer

Dear Home

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Dear Home,

So here we are.  Almost four years together now. You are the first place I have called home all on my own. Just you and me. No parents telling me what to do, no pitter patter of little feet, no teenage angst, no fights from a wrecked marriage.  We haven’t been together as long as me and that other home. I’m still getting used to you in many ways. You aren’t as roomy, but you fit me well. I can’t imagine bumping around in that big home I used to have, I think it would have made me feel sad. And lonely. You make me feel safe, and free. You have forced me to simplify, and choose only the most meaningful things to include in our space. I’ve been surprised by how easy that has been, to let go of  ‘stuff’. I am surrounded by displays of love – in the photographs,  gifts I have received, and the memories in the treasures from days gone by. We don’t have as much space for entertaining as I had with that other home, no large gatherings here. Just love and laughter in smaller doses. While your size may not be impressive, your constant reminders on the walls,  floors,  nooks,  and in the yard, remind me that you are here for me in a big way. The light you allow through the windows, illuminates the fullness of my life. And the way you shelter me from what lies beyond your walls, is a gift I don’t take for granted. I thank you, dear home, for giving me a place to rest my head, and remind my heart of more blessings than I can count… Namaste.

In Love & Peace,

Tonia 🙂

The image above is a picture of the saying at the top of my kitchen door. I love the reminder… <3


April Love 2016

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