Dear Intuition Tonia Brewer

Dear Intuition

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Dear Intuition,

What a pair we make! You give me a sense of magic, a secret knowing, an understanding beyond reason,  a story without words. For so long I have known you. At first I was scared. I couldn’t comprehend how our relationship worked. You were always ahead of me, and that made me apprehensive. I mistook that feeling you put in my gut, for fear, and ignored your gentle bidding to get my attention. To help me see that proof isn’t always tangible. That the feeling in my being, is just as real as holding something in my hands. So many times I should have listened to you. You screamed warnings that I couldn’t hear because  only my ears were open. You threw up obstacles I couldn’t see because I was only looking with my eyes. Throughout the years I have seen how over and over, you have persisted in helping me. Your presence in my life is essential to making good decisions. Ignoring you, only proves bad. Your only agenda is to do good by me. To help me keep moving in a positive way through my journey.

I’ve been accused of being too emotional. I’m ok with that. It’s through my emotions I find you best. Yes, you still have to remind me with a tightness in my gut, or a dryness in my mouth, or a rash on my skin, and that’s ok. I need that sometimes. I still get nervous on my own. You help me process possibilities much quicker. You make it possible for me to chunk information away, for easy access later. Even if I don’t remember, you will. I appreciate the way you help me to extrude the best decision rather than force it. I’m sure I will continue to make mistakes. Thank you for being a patient teacher and faithful companion. I look forward to knowing you better, and walking beside you much more aware in the future.

Love & Peace,

Tonia 🙂

April Love 2016

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