Dear Legs Tonia Brewer 2

Dear Legs

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Dear Legs,

Some say we fall a little short in this department. Technically, I guess you are in good proportion to the rest of my five foot one and a half body. There’s not more of you than there is of torso so overall it works. Up until this year we have gotten along pretty well. You have carried me along this life’s journey without complaint. In the younger years we travelled many paths. You held me up when I was learning to walk and you grew stronger with each step. Later, when we would head out on the walkway to elementary school, you would get excited and sometimes we would skip all the way there.

Highschool brought with it so many unknown avenues to traverse, but you gave me confidence that we could handle it all. So we danced, and ran, and sat indian style, and stood to work all day, and roller skated, and got lost in the woods, and walked the mall for hours. It was busy and you guys were troopers. College introduced another new adventure, a superhighway of choices. We were on the fast-track and going strong. And you kept up without missing a step.

Some of your best work was walking me down the aisle. I remember shaking all over, but you were holding steady. With no idea what lie ahead, you made me feel that I could make it all the way down where my future waited. From there you helped me rock my babies and  wear holes in the floor waiting for newly licensed teenagers to arrive safely home. When late night ironing was the only option after a long busy day of running around, you stood your ground and stuck it out.

This past few months we’ve had a harder time. A lousy pinched nerve and a bit of pesky arthritis has thrown you off your game a bit. And like so many things that are taken for granted, I didn’t realize what you have meant to me. Please know that I am not angry with you. This is my fault. I should have treated you better. Pampered you more. Stretched you sufficiently. You’ve been overburdened and under appreciated. I am grateful for the not-so-gentle reminder that you need me to pay attention. I can already feel you getting stronger with the yoga and the walking. There’s a bit more pep in your step and ‘umph’ in your ‘tri’.

I thank you for your many years of service. I look forward to the course that lies ahead and I’m depending on you for a strong finish to this race…

For all that you are, have been, and will be, I dedicate one of my favorite songs in your honor.

Love & Peace,

April Love 2016

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