Dear Rest Tonia Brewer

Dear Rest

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Dear Rest,

There was a time when you and I did not often meet. I was so busy being a wife, a mother to my 3 sons, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a volunteer, a working person, a home manager, and, well, you remember. It was exhausting. You tried your best to convince me I needed more of you in my life, but I resisted. Even in the times I succumbed to your enticements, I don’t think I fully appreciated you. In fact, I found you to be more of a nuisance if anything. I mean, those hours I let you have me all to yourself were hours I could have been accomplishing something else.

That seems like ages ago. You and I see much more of each other these days. I have a better understanding of your value in my life. You give me strength and clarity and vision. I find you now in meditation, and while I’m coloring (a gift from you) or cooking, or writing. Even on my walks you are there with me. Your benefits reach far into my mind, my soul,  and my body.  I no longer see you as a pest, a thief stealing my time. You are an important part of every day; time well spent. Thank you for being persistent. I can’t wait to see you later…

Love & Peace,
Tonia 🙂

April Love 2016

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