In an instant….

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Are you paying attention to what’s important?

Pay Attention Tonia BrewerThere are moments that leave you breathless. And feeling helpless. And in an instant, everything you have been worried about seems blown out of proportion. And the angry words you have exchanged with the people who mean the most to you feel silly…

Even if the moment is not directly yours, it changes you. Or it should. There are no coincidences. Call it whatever works for you, for me, it’s the universe… And it gives me some not-so-gentle reminders of what’s important. We are busy. Life is crazy. We are not always focused on the things that matter most. Many of us are just relieved at the end of the day that we made it through! Is that acceptable? To simply “make it through” the day? What are we doing to make the days, weeks, months, and years that make up our life, meaningful? We spend 40 or more hours a week earning a living. We devote time to doing the things we have to do to maintain our lifestyles. We sleep, we eat, we watch TV, we worry, we fight about stupid things.

The message that is sent when I send an email on my iPad says “You get more of what you focus on”. I believe that. I have proven it to myself. If it’s not a truth for you, I challenge you to test it for yourself. On Sunday afternoon (or whatever day is the beginning of your week) take 10 minutes to make a list of the things in your life that you’d like see increase. More time for a hobby? Spending more time with someone who is meaningful in your life? Now, make a list of everything you do and think about for one week. Don’t cheat. Put all that time wasting, brain cell busting, stuff on the list too. Don’t look at what you have written until the end of the week. How much is on your list that you could eliminate? Would it make more time for you to focus on the other list?

We take so much for granted…. That there will be another day for us, or for the people we care about. But what if there’s not? Are you ok with that? If not, change your focus. And be grateful everyday. And when you are fortunate enough to be included in the reminders…. pay attention. Everything happens for a reason.


Peace, love, and sand in your toes…

Tonia 🙂

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One thought on “In an instant….

  1. Overwhelming. I think this has been a key word in my attempts at organization. If you refer to my last post in which I made myself a weekly schedule, I feel like I was probably on the right track, but I was biting off way more than I could chew all at one time. I’m finding that the trick is to focus on one aspect of my life at a time and allow myself time to get acclimated and make the change a part of my daily routine before I move on to the next thing. In order to be successful at this, I have had to reevaluate my priorities and decide what the most important things are at this point in my life.
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