What’s So New In A New Year?

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As I sit here working on my vision board for 2014, I have realized that some of the goals, and visions I have for this next year aren’t really new. Which begs the question, what’s so new in a new year?

Rather than make a long list of “resolutions” each year, I pick a theme for my new year. In 2013 it was living in the moment. I used to tie myself to a lot of goals and lists that just lead me down a path of disappointment when I didn’t achieve all I set out to do. It never worked well for me. I got too attached to attaining the goal, or crossing it off of my list with very little value in the journey. Most of my let downs in life have come from attachments. To a goal, to a person, to a habit, to a thing-I-just-had-to-have, a job I thought was perfect etc. etc. I have done this my whole life and it has never given me one ounce of satisfaction. That is what will be new, in my new year….

My vision board for 2014 may not look a lot different than some of my past boards but it feels different to me. Rather than place these things I want to “achieve” on my board as goals, I place them as intentions, seeking manifestation, sans the attachment. Open to the idea, that if it’s not meant to be, or it’s not time, I’m okay with that. I’m hedging a bet that allowing flexibility in all areas of my life will bring me just what I need, when I need it. Being totally open to the “new” that I might miss if I am too stringent in my list of requirements to create, rather than allow my happiness.

It’s going to be a great new-year 🙂

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